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At CW Thomas, we believe knowledge is key—knowledge for ourselves and for our clients.

With over 70 years of expertise as an industry leader in thermoforming, we wish to be a resource for our clients. From material selection to design solutions, we readily offer our experience and expertise in vacuum forming.

Bring us a challenging design; we are excited to develop a creative solution in vacuum forming with you. Ask us a question; we welcome your inquiries, and through insight and collaboration, we will meet your needs. If for whatever reason, thermoforming is not the best solution for your product, we will help you find the company with the right solution. We simply care that much.

Please review the vacuum forming and other engineering resources that we have provided below. At any time, feel free to contact us. Let’s brainstorm together on a solution for your thermoforming needs.


TransFORMing Relationships

At CW Thomas, your vision is our mission. A potential client wanted a single cover part for a dental imaging machine.

Their incumbent supplier said the client’s design was impossible. It needed to be made from three pieces. They suggested creating the part as one molded cover, one piece of profile-extruded plastic, and one molded part. All pieces would then be bonded together to make the part. Read More »

Out PerFORM the Competition:

We love what we do, and it shows in every aspect of our operations as a vacuum forming company.

For the last 70 years, CW Thomas has been an industry leader in thermoforming. Because of our dedication and commitment to our clients and our outstanding expertise, CW Thomas was the supplier for the entire interior of the original Amtrak NE Corridor Upgrade Project. Read More »

Design As An ArtFORM

At CW Thomas, we believe ingenuity leads to award-winning, elegant solutions. This was the case with the inner liner of a video bezel. A previous contractor created the part as four pieces. Our engineers are tooling design experts and out-of-the-box thinkers, and this four-part design solution was unacceptable to us. We recognized that the part would be more durable with single piece construction. Read More »


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